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Betting On The Next Prime Minister

The election for Leader of The Conservative Party and Prime Minister has a hot favourite in the form of Boris Johnson! We look at the major contenders and highlight the best bets and odds on offer for what could be an intriguing leadership contest!
Who will win the race to be next Prime Minister? After PM Teresa May tearfully announced her resignation last month in front of a packed press audience outside number 10, the…

Betting on the Brexit Withdrawl Agreement

The Brexit Withdrawl Agreement Vote is on Tuesday 11th December 2018. Howtobet4free provide our verdict on the betting for the brexit vote!
Betting on the Brexit Withdrawl Agreement! So Tuesday 11th December is the big House of Commons Brexit vote, but what are the betting opportunities for the Brexit withdrawl…

Best Bets - 2017 UK General Election

Matt McLaughlin-Stonham puts forward his betting predictions for the 2017 UK General Election and chooses the five best marginal constituency bets for an accumulator on June 8th!
2017 General Election - 8th June 2017 The announcement of a third major election in the UK in the space of just two years has universally provoked a response of resignation,…

EU Referendum Betting – What the bookies are telling us!

The UK's EU referendum is the biggest political betting event in a lifetime. The choice is simple; either In or Out. The betting markets are telling us where the money is being placed on the EU referendum, but should we follow the money?
The odds for vote remain in the EU referendum have shortened in recent days. Howtobet4free recommend signing up for Betfred to bet on the EU Referendum. Betfred have a…

General Election 2015 - the betting markets are our best bet!

With less than two weeks to go until the UK General Election, we what outcomes the betting markets consider to be the most likely.
With the last full week of campaigning upon us before the General Election on the 7th May, the Conservatives have ditched any form of meaningful and sensible policies in favour of…

How do betting markets predict the General Election? [INFOGRAPHIC]

Are polls a good indicator of General Election results? Or are betting odds more accurate? This infographic looks at what the betting markets have to say about what the results are likely to be in May's General Election.
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