Spread Betting Simulator


Welcome to howtobet4free’s spread betting guide and simulator page. Below is our spread betting simulator. This will help you understand the main markets and how profit and loss is determined for each bet.

Our spread betting guide introduces and explains spread betting using pictures, tables and examples. This includes defining key terms, showing the types of markets available and explaining how pricing to buy and sell works, including clarifying liability and risk. We then explore key markets for football in detail.

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Spread Betting Simulator


The main six spread betting markets for a Premier League game between Arsenal and Tottenham are shown on our interactive bet slip below.

  1. For each of the markets below, input your stake per unit and click 'Buy' or 'Sell', or leave as 'No Bet'
  2. Please not that the stake is 'per unit' and not the overall amount that can be won or lost.
  3. Click 'Simulate Match' to see a randomly generated match result, and outcome for each market.

Place your Speard Bets - Arsenal vs. Tottenham

Market Sell Price - Buy Price Stake Sell/Buy
Total Goals 3.2 - 3.4
Supremacy Arsenal/Tottenham 0.5 - 0.7
Total Corners 11.5 - 12
Total Bookings 52 - 56
Arsenal Win Index 14.5 - 16
Tottenham Win Index 7.5 - 9



Note: Simulation results are randomly generated each time you click the 'Simulate Match' button.  They are calculated based on an approximated normal distribution with a mean average of midway between the buy and sell prices (i.e. we have assumed the bookmakers predictions are accurate) and a standard deviation derived from basic statistical analysis.  Please do not base your bets on our simulation, it's purpose is to help familiarise with spread betting markets.