Accumulator Betting Guide

Accumulator Betting Guide: Odds & Staking

Odds & Staking

Accumulator bets require all chosen selections to win with the return of zero occurring whether just one bet or all bets lose. The odds of bets winning together lengthen as the odds are multiplied together, as each selection is added there is an increased chance of at least one of the selections losing.

How Accumulator Odds are Calculated

Accumulator bets work by effectively re-betting the returns (stake and winnings) from one selection onto the next selection in the accumulator and so on. An example of accumulator odds can be given using the example of heads winning a coin toss, which has a 50% chance of happening (which we will propose would give odds of evens).

A coin toss example is shown below:

Heads in a single coin toss: even odds
Odds of getting heads on a coin toss 
Heads in two coin tosses: 3/1 (evens x evens)
Odds of getting heads on two consecutive coin tosses 
Heads in three coin tosses: 7/1 (evens x evens x evens)
Odds of getting heads on three consecutive coin tosses 
Heads in four coin tosses: 15/1 (evens x evens x evens x evens)
Odds of getting heads on three consecutive coin tosses 

The odds for each bet are multiplied together meaning including a selection at longer odds will give the accumulator longer odds than a selection at shorter odds.  Image 1 and Image 2 show screenshots from’s accumulator calculator with a four game accumulator bet placed on each. A final selection in the accumulator has been included at Even money and then replaced by a selection at 3/1. With a final selection at even money the return on the accumulator is £440 whereas with a final selection at 3/1 the return on the accumulator increases to £890.

Accumulator with Evens as final selection paying £440Accumulator with 3 to 1 as final selection paying £890

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