Asian Handicap Betting Guide


Football is the most popular sport to bet on, and Football is arguably the most popular and most suited sport to bet via Asian Handicap Betting. In a football game this would mean one team would be given a certain number of goals head start relative to the other or vice versa. The handicap can be presented as goals or fractions of goals. There are two options to bet; either back the team with the positive handicap or the negative handicap.


There's a number of benefits of using Asian Handicap betting when placing bets on football matches:

  • The big advantage is that Asian Handicap betting effectively takes out the draw.
  • You can still win your bet backing the losing side!
  • Offers better value betting opportunities in comparison to fixed odds traditional betting.
  • Asian handicap markets are typically lower margin betting markets for the bookmakers - therefore good for punters!
  • Asian Handicap Betting can be well suited to:
  1. Scenarios where you fancy an underdog to do better than expected.
  2. Where you fancy a strong favourite to do better than expected and beat a weaker side by a substantial goal tally.


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