Asian Handicap Betting Guide


So we’ve talked about Asian Handicaps and what they are and how they work. Next you’ll be wondering when is the right time to make use of an Asian Handicap betting strategy? Here are a few scenarios where you might want to consider adding Asian Handicap betting to your armoury:

More attractive betting proposition for heavy favourites

It’s generally accepted that Asian Handicap betting offers great value for punters. For example the dominance of the likes of Man City in the Premier League, Celtic in the SPL, Barcelona in La Liga and Bayern in the Bundesliga mean the weekly match odds on these teams is so low there’s less incentive and reward backing them! Asian Handicap betting in this scenario allows you to bet on such a one sided games at around evens, making the bet much more appealing than your standard fixed odds betting.

Eliminates the draw in a Football match

We’ve previously discussed a key positive to using Asian Handicap betting, that you can make draws work for you or against you much more flexibly than traditional fixed odds betting. You may fancy a team to do better than expected whether that’s a win, draw or close defeat. By betting on Asian Handicap betting you eliminate the draw, which aligns incentives more favourable from a punters point of view.

On the Double Asian Handicap you often benefit from a reprieve as you might at least get one (or half) of your stakes returned rather than lose your whole stake via a traditional fixed odds outcome. Takeaway message - With Asian Handicap betting you can benefit when your nearly right not just 100% right!


Better margins than fixed odds traditional betting

Asian Handicap odds for football generally trade anywhere between a 102% to 105% margin depending on the bookmaker, which is considerably better than your traditional fixed odds bookmakers which tend to display at a margin around 5 to 8 percentage points bigger.  The main reason for this is because there are only two outcomes with Asian Handicap betting. So betting on Asian Handicaps is a good idea virtually anytime you care about trying to obtain betting value. It’s not to say the punter has an advantage over the bookmakers, but it’s certainly one of the more punter friendly ways to bet!

Good for backing underdog!

Some high profile betting gurus swear by backing underdogs via Asian Handicap Betting. The rationale for this is that many punters have a bias towards strong favourites, which reflects in the odds and handicap, and which consequently means there are potential opportunities to back the underdogs using Asian Handicap betting. 


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