Asian Handicap Betting Guide

  • Single Asian Handicap Bets

A single Asian Handicap bet is a single bet stake on an Asian Handicap selection. Each selection will be given a handicap and you will be presented with two options to choose from.

One team/selection will be given given a handicap to eliminate the perceived difference between the two teams/selections purely for the purpose of betting. If the teams are already well matched the default Asian Handicap may well be 0.

The superior team Asian Handicap will typically be -0.5, -1, -1.5, or -2 goals. By doing this it essentially gives the other team an artificial half goal/goal or more start, which the opposing side must overcome to in order for the bet to win.


  • Quarter Asian Handicap Bets

Quarter Asian Handicap are slightly more complicated than Single Asian Handicaps. Quarter Asian Handicap bets are shown as as -0.75, -0.25, +0.25, +0.75, etc.  A Quarter Asian Handicap bet is a handicap bet split between the two nearest 0.5 intervals. So a £20 bet on a 0.25 handicap bet would be a £10 bet on a 0 handicap and a £10 bet on a 0.5 handicap.

Quarter Asian Handicap bets can also be presented as Double Asian Handicap bets, effectively the same type of Asian Handicap bet. For example a Quarter Asian Handicap bet of -0.25 can also be shown as a Double Asian Handicap bet as 0, -0.5


  • Double Asian Handicap Bets

Double Asian Handicap bets comprises of two bets of equal stake and is equivalent of a Quarter Asian Handicap bet.


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