Multiples Betting Guide

Calculating Returns

Bet365 betslip showing two even money selections add up to 3 to 1

Doubles and trebles are the most popular types of multiple bets placed. Doubles simply pair up each selection and combine the odds for this, so a double of two even money bets would payout at 3/1. The bet slip in image 1 shows this totalling up of odds.

Bet365 betslip showing three even money selections add up to 7 to 1

Trebles put each combination of treble bets together and again combine the odds for this so a treble with 3 selections at even money would pay out at 7/1. This is the same bet as the heads in three coin tosses in our Accumulator bets – How the odds are calculated sections. The bet slip in image 2 shows how the odds are calculated and presented in this treble.

When choosing larger multiples like four-fold and five-fold the odds will increase along with the potential return, however the chances of winning will decrease. For example if selecting four-fold multiples then if only three selections win then the payout will be zero as none of the four-folds would be satisfied. Image 3 demonstrates four-folds being chosen as a multiple with the three winning selections. The three winning selections appear in multiple lines where one losing selection is included which denies any returns. In the scenario shown in image 3 had doubles been chosen 4 lines would have won, meaning s return from the bet. Betting on smaller multiples such as doubles or trebles is seen as a safer way to bet with more chance of some return.

All four fold multiples lose if just three selections win

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