Multiples Betting Guide

Multiples Betting Guide: Introduction and Definitions

Introduction and Definitions

Multiples betting is a popular way to bet as it allows some selections to lose, and for a winning return still to be achieved. Multiple bets are placed which cover different combinations between the selections, so if a number of selections win, the combination bets between those wins will pay out.  Multiples betting does this by staking on several different events on the same bet coupon. 

Key Definitions

  • Multiples Betting – A bet that involves choosing several selections and staking combination bets (e.g. doubles or trebles) between the selections. Each combination is called a line and the stake per line is multiplied by the number of lines to give the total stake. As a number of lines are bet on, the payouts can vary significantly dependent on how many, and which selections and lines win.
  • Double - A double is a multiple whereby two selections are chosen to win in separate independent events. Both selections must win in order for a double bet to payout, if either or both selections lose the double losses.
  • Treble - A treble is a multiple whereby three selections are chosen to win in separate independent events. All three selections must win in order for a treble bet to payout, if any or all selections lose the treble losses.
  • Line (Bet Line) – One combination of selections in a multiple bet. For example if doubles are chosen, and there are three selections made (A, B and C), three lines would need to be placed, one for each of the double combinations available (A with B, A with C, and B with C).
  • Selection (Market Selection) – A selection is an outcome that money is staked on, essentially what somebody bets on happening. Selection and bet are often used interchangeably.

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