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Multiples Calculator

Please check out our multiples bet calculator (also available on our ‘Bet Calculator’ page) Our calculator will allow you to input odds and stakes for a choice of multiple bet types. We will then randomly generate results for each selection to give you an idea of the payouts that are possible when betting on multiples.

Instructions: Follow Stages 1 & 2 below to enter details for any multiples bet. A breakdown of each bet line will be generated. Use Stage 3 to explore potential outcomes based on winning or losing each selection - either select results manually or use the Win All and Random buttons provided. Edit the details in Stages 1 & 2 at any time and hit Next on stage two to recalculate, or hit Reset to start again.
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Stage 1: Select either fractional or decimal odds, the type of multiple bet, a stake per line and the number of selections.
Stage 2: Enter the odds for each selection.
Stage 3: Select the results to see outcome.

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