Multiples Betting Guide

Multiples vs Accumulators

In the case of all selections winning the payout for multiples would be more than had the same stake been placed across single selections. This is because each bet is placed combining the odds of several selections. Multiples betting also forfeits any return when only one selection wins, whereas betting singles would have paid out on the one bet.  

In the case of all selections winning then the payout for multiples would be less than the payout had the total stake (of all lines) been placed on one accumulator bet. This is because the odds on the accumulator happening would be higher than the odds available by putting less than all the selections of that accumulator together in multiples. This is shown in image 1 and  image 2 when a £30 accumulator returns £535 and £30 total staked on doubles (£10 x 3) on exactly the same selections only returns £245.

Accumulator profit of £535 from a £30 stake for 3 selectionsMultiples profit of £215 from a £30 total stake using combinations of doubles across 3 selections

As discussed above (see Multiples Bets – Selections and Staking) betting with multiples bets protects against a zero payout if one or two selections fail. In the case of image 2 there would also be payouts on doubles had one selection not won, whereas for the accumulator bet the payout in this case would be zero.

Multiples Betting: Other Considerations

Void bets

In the event of a void or a non-runner in multiples bets bookmakers will remove all lines including that selection and refund those stakes, and calculate profit and return on the rest of the selections. In combinations of doubles across five selections if one selection is void then six of the ten lines will stand, and the stake on the four lines involving the void selection will be refunded. Examples of void selections would be a horse not starting a race, or a football match being postponed in adverse weather conditions.

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