Multiples Betting Guide

Selections and Staking

Multiples betting involves placing a number of bets which combine the different selections together, this means several bets are placed to cover the different possible combinations. As selections are combined together the odds increase for each (as within each combination all outcomes have to occur to win). This leads to higher payouts from the given stake than betting on selections individually. Multiples bets however do not fully commit to an accumulator bet which either loses the entire stake or wins the entire winnings available. Multiples betting consequently has a range of different payouts depending on the quality of selections and is a popular middle ground between betting on single bets and accumulator bets.

A line is given for each individual combination of multiple between the selections (the number of lines will vary based on the type of multiple and the total number of selections). Each line requires the same stake and on a betting slip the stake per line will be requested. The total stake is then calculated by adding up the stake for each of the lines, meaning each line is essentially bought as a separate bet.

Selecting Doubles between four games means 6 lines are placed

As an example if selecting double bets as a multiple (i.e. pairing up individual selections) between four games then six lines would need to be placed to cover all possible combinations shown below. Image 1 shows this bet using’s multiples calculator which works out the total stake to be six times the stake per line.

Combinations of doubles, four selections:

  • Line 1: Double bet on Game A and Game B
  • Line 2: Double bet on Game A and Game C
  • Line 3: Double bet on Game A and Game D
  • Line 4: Double bet on Game B and Game C
  • Line 5: Double bet on Game B and Game D
  • Line 6: Double bet on Game C and Game D

Coral betslip showing total number of lines for 5 bets - with £10 selected per line on doubles meaning a £100 total stake is required for the bet.

Image 2 shows a betting slip with 5 selections, with the number of lines for each multiple shown, both doubles and trebles would need 10 lines to cover all bets (given as (10 bets) on the slip), while 4-folds would mean 5 lines and would be needed. Doubles are selected with the £10 stake per line showing as a £100 total stake for the 10 lines. This is all worked out automatically on the bet slip with all possible multiple bet options presented side by side for comparison.

Multiples can combine any number of selections provided there are more selections than the multiple. This means with seven selections it is possible to bet six fold multiples, however choosing seven fold multiples would simply be one accumulator bet.

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